Essential Equipment

with the acquisition of things for the baby, do not rush. It is enough to start shopping after 6. Several months of pregnancy or more. So what should you not forget?
Today, disposable paper ones are most often used. But for eco-conscious moms, it\’s important to know that most of them are not environmentally degradable. But we can also find products in the market that are scalable. Unfortunately, customers pay too much for them.
For starters, you just need to buy 2 packs of diapers vel. 1 and 1 pack, Deuce”. Daily consumption is 6-10 pieces.
The 2nd option is to use a cloth diaper. The initial investment is large, but you can do with them all the time. All you need to change is the size of the panties that hold them.
veselé mimčo
Hygiene products
* You are probably allowed to leave the maternity ward 3.-4.A day and acne still does not heal. Buymedical alcoholandcotton swabsin pharmacies for treatment.
*Bath soap and oil. It is enough for you completely ordinary from the pharmacy. Lubricate the baby every night.
*Diaper rash cream. If the baby has not caused visible damage to the skin, do not buy too aggressive products. Choose one that does not contain zinc.  It puts an unnecessary burden on the skin.
*Pine water– buy again at the pharmacy. Apply on a cotton swab and gently wipe her eyes and nearby areas.

When dressing, the principle is that you should have 1 more layer than you have. Be careful during the winter, do not let the baby wear too much clothes. It is best to reach out to the back of the head, and if you sweat too much, take off 1 layer. Of course, in the summer it is not necessary to wear an extra layer.
Don\’t buy too much clothes. They grow so fast. I recommend size 54. The basis is taken by points with short and long sleeves, onesies for sleep, tracksuits, socks, sweaters and typical clothes for the year. In winter, wear at least 2 overalls in case of getting dirty. Hats, gloves, warm boots. For the summer, get shorts, dresses and hats again.
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• stroller, or stretcher or scarf
• crib with high-quality mattress
• Breath monitor
• Thermometer
• Bottle and sterilizer (or boil the bottle in a pot [50•* Cloth diaper
* Carousel- kids do not like it so much Calms them before going to bed,
*Pacifier – calms and helps with colic in babies •53]* Blanket