Healing of the body precedes healing of the soul

The phrase “praying for someone\’s health” is perceived by many as a mere phrase with no deep meaning, but those who have experienced serious or long-term illnesses know that it is actually a gift given Those who have experienced serious or long-term illnesses have long known that it is in fact a gift, not a given. Especially in today\’s hectic times, when civilized diseases abound.
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When any sick person is told the diagnosis, “Why me?” and a simmering expression appears on their face. Such a phenomenon is quite normal and common, but have we ever thought about the consequences? Because illness does not come in that way, but is more like a warning or an appeal from our bodies that we have not listened to for a long time, did not notice, or simply did not want to notice because we did not have time. We have to make it, we can\’t afford to stay home, we have to finish the project.
The result of our “non-cooperation” is precisely the disease related to our psychological state. Countless books have been published on psychosomatic illnesses, but they all say the same thing. I need to perceive and think about what it is that is undermining me and plaguing my inner life, no matter how trivial the symptoms. For example, did you know that thyroid disease is very closely related to emotional suppression? Or why children often suffer from otitis media? Because ear disease means that they don\’t want to hear something. For example, not only do parents fight a lot, but so does peer bullying. Therefore, it is necessary to address the problem and not overlook it because of lack of time. An imbalance between mind and body can also make it difficult to conceive, for example.
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Prevention in the form of leisure activities, whether with family or alone, is important. Not only pets, but a massage or a cup of coffee with a friend will always soothe our souls. There are also many relaxation methods that can help us unwind after a long day, for example, hormonal yoga,tai chi, if you are not skilled in this area, as well as reading your favorite book or cycling.
General advice is to take time for yourself, don\’t hold back emotions, don\’t associate with negative people, do things that fulfill you, and be thankful for every day that you live healthy.