When School is Called Back

children go back to school again. In the morning, the children need to get up together to make sure they don\’t fall asleep, give them a snack and lunch (if not given at school), and if necessary, take them back to school.
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Unless you have a first grader at home who is still full of excitement and anticipation for new things, chances are your child is not the most excited about going back to school. How can you make it as enjoyable as possible? You need to support your child and make sure he or she does not feel alone. Not everyone has time to do homework together in the evening, but sometimes there are those moments and your child will appreciate them. After all, if the first sentence you hear from us in the afternoon is about how school went, and the last sentence before bedtime is, “Don\’t stay up too late tomorrow to take care of things at school,” it is not what you want to hear from your parents after a while.
Motivation alone is never enough, so it is good to reward children for what they have accomplished. If you are at the store and the children ask you to buy them something they like or fantasize about, buy it for them. But only reward children when they deserve it. Praise is free of charge, and children will surely appreciate it!
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Make snacks at home! It is always better to send the kids to school with a box of ready-made snacks from mom or dad than to put a 50-yen bill in their wallets. At least that way you can keep track of your child\’s menu, and with the occasional nice note or little treat, you\’re guaranteed to get a smile at school.
After all, it\’s the children we care about most in the world. [25] After all, [26] what else should we invest our time in but our little pieces? Everything you put into your children will one day come back to you. And when you grow old and need them, they will be glad to help you, if you were their help when they needed you.