Have scientists discovered Noah’s Ark?

This is not to say that there is no interest in the stories contained in the Bible. Nevertheless, most of them are understood a little differently by people today. One story that even those unfamiliar with the Bible are sure to know is the story of the world flood . The first book of the Old Testament, the book of Genesis, describes the world flood. That is, the time before the birth of Jesus Christ.
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§ It is interesting that the legend of the world flood is not only found in the Bible, but is even legendary in Indian and various other cultures.
§ Scientific research shows that the legend is found in as many as 320 versions.

All versions have one thing in common. God (or a divinity) was angry with those who led freewheeling lives and decided to punish them. But He always spared someone righteous to save His own race and all the animals of the earth. The chosen one was foreordained to be able to make vessels worthy of it.
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Is Ararat really hiding biblical vessels?

According to scientific calculations, the Flood should have occurred in 2,400 BC. How is that possible?
o According to geophysicists who look at the issue from a purely scientific perspective, a similar tragedy did indeed occur.
o But that was many years ago, approximately 5,600 BC.
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At the time, the last ice age was just coming to an end. [The melting of the glaciers caused the water level of the Black Sea to rise. This caused the water level of the Mediterranean Sea to rise. The result was earthquakes that broke the land barrier. [What about Noah\’s Ark? According to the Bible, it was supposed to land on Mount Araratin Armenia. Satellite images show that this mountain indeed hides a similar object. It has several floors and is 150 meters long. It is exactly as described in the Bible. Even the age of the wood is consistent. Did the world flood really happen and the tragedy that occurred hundreds of years before had nothing to do with it?