Shopping in a few crowns from the comfort of your home

Every now and then, somewhere on the Internet, an ad for a major Asian e-shop with an unimaginable selection of products and very interesting prices catches the eye of all of us. So a test purchase was made.

Small items were ordered from seven retailers via a single e-shop form and paid for in bulk according to the e-shop\’s instructions.

balíky ze světa.jpg

The criteria for selecting the goods were:

– Low price (because no customs duty was charged)

– Favorability of the goods and store positive reviews

– free shipping

– delivery time up to 6 weeks

The results of the purchase were truly amazing. I should add, just for the record, that there were no major sales or holiday shopping at the time of purchase. This obviously affects delivery times.

The largest item was a cherry peeler helper. Compared to the two products mentioned here, it was half the price. It arrived about three weeks later via signature mail. The packaging was very careful. There were no instructions on how to use the product, but this was not essential with this product. Product worked and nothing was damaged during use.

The other two packages were from two different jewelry stores. The silver pearl earrings were in a nice box and a hair elastic was included as a gift. The next purchase contained two silver chains of the same length. The quality of the materials has not been professionally evaluated, but the jewelry has stood the test of time and is beautiful and functional. Both packages were delivered about a month later without delivery confirmation. Neither was accompanied by a certificate of materials used. Prices were very low because they were discounted items.

Other orders were two hair clips and two hair styling products for long hair. All arrived in the mailbox on time, without delivery confirmation, and neatly packaged. The hair styling products had cartoon instructions.doručení až do domu.jpg

Along with the products, I always received an email letting me know that my order had been shipped and a survey a few days later confirming my satisfaction with the products and the retailer, and also confirming receipt of delivery.

Some of the wide range of goods offered would probably not be bought this way. Spending thousands of dollars on a mink coat or sofa set must be quite an adventure.

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