mom, where are you going to have fun?Disneyland

What else to experience than your favorite characters Mickey Mouse, Cinderella and Elsa Disney fairy tales are, in short, popular, popular and will continue to be popular among both children and adults . The most famous Disney parks are in America, but travel there is a bit expensive, so why not try France?

Disneyland is located 32 km from the French capital, Paris.It first opened in 1992-

There are several different attractions for both large and small. Among the most popular are adventureresland, where different exotic parts of the earth alternate. For example, the Lion King and Africa along with the popular mantra “Hakuna Matata”. Then there are the Wild West, spies and, of course, childhood favorites.
obří kolo


How about a little Italy? Near the city of Verona, where the famous stories of Romeo and Juliet took place, we can visit another popular Gardaland.There are roller coasters that run at speeds of up to 80 kilometers per minute. Compared to other mountain roads, the track is located at the top, so you will take the whole ride upside down. If this is nothing for you, you can try the oldest roller coaster park that usually sits or a roller coaster for the family.

Once you get enough rides, you can try some water attractions to try paddling in the very wild water, which also has a waterfall.
vodní atrakce

Tropical island

Do you miss the sea and warm weather? What about tropicland? This is a device that simulates the appearance of the beach. Everything is artificially created, but it looks “real”. You can visit this property in Germany, especially in Brandenburg on the A13 Motorway

Tropical island has several themes such as the world of Flowers


and certainly we should not forget the chain of buildings. Manufacturers of ding blocks Lego. Such parks can be visited in Denmark or Germany. There you can see, for example, model mini-villages and educational games for the little ones.