The Magic and Benefits of Collecting

Collecting is the pursuit of a particular kind of thing. Usually there is a specific experience attached to it that enhances it all. Everything is integrated into a collection. There are diverse types of collections. This is how museums were created, thanks to the valuable collections of the past.
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Certainly everyone has a collection. Some may still keep them as memories, others may continue to actively collect them.

What was the history or the beginning?

Collecting has its traces in distant history. Prehistoric tribes can be considered the first collectors in a metaphorical sense, as they were buried in skeletons. They collected what they were given for the afterlife. By the Middle Ages, however, secular leaders were already enthusiastic about collecting relics. Typical of this were the collections of hunted and grazed animals in castles owned by the nobility; in the 20th century, ex-libris collecting flourished.
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Collections from a psychological perspective

Opinions differ as to whether Sigmund Freud considered collecting to be a type of childhood trauma related to excretory control, or whether another pioneer held that collecting was a human instinct in the collection of materials. However, it is known that even the habit of collecting can develop into a disease known as Diogenes syndrome.
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Collecting Circles

As far as collecting curiosities is concerned, more than 200 completely atypical fields have been registered. Among the important collecting areas are philately (stamp collecting), philomeny (match seal collecting), philokartia (postcards), numismatics (coins), as well as collecting badges, military items, and medals. There is also the hobby of collecting and getting autographs. For some, collecting is simply a lifelong hobby.

Why are women less interested in collecting?

Psychologically, this is said to be because men have always been hunters and are therefore focused on collecting, i.e., catching something. However, the essence of collecting is evolutionary. It usually begins at school age and may continue until the end of life for some individuals.

Especially in adults, collecting is a kind of relaxation. It is an activity that brings relaxation, rest, and relief from stress and bustle. At the same time, it is a way to organize one\’s thoughts and opinions and, in a sense, a temporary escape from the real world.