He who plays is not offended!

Every parent is probably well aware that it can be difficult to properly entertain children. Entertainment does not mean turning on the TV or getting a tablet and playing games. It is about entertaining the child in an effective and meaningful way. From toddlers to older children, many options are offered. Any young child can effectively participate in play.

Weather permitting, it\’s even easier. You can go for a bike ride in the countryside. You could go to the park and play ball. It is also ideal for children to play in the sandbox, where there are many options


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How to effectively entertain children when it\’s raining, pouring, or at home


You can play hide-and-seek with your children at home. Hide-and-seek has always been one of the most popular and fun games. This game still seems to be interesting for generations to come. It is a completely unpretentious pastime. It can be played from about age 3, when the rules can be learned.

Another very flexible and creative play activity is plastic baking. This too is suited for young children. But even a two-year-old caput can make figures, following his own imagination or with the help of his parents or grandparents. They can make the dough from flour and water and bake it in the oven. This play has a very positive impact on the development of a child\’s imagination. At the same time, it helps them develop patience and concentration on their creations.

Effective and creative play is one of the ideal forms of play in which children can see the results of their work. This type of play includes painting on glass. However, it is already more challenging and suitable for 4- to 5-year-old children. This play stimulates creativity and also teaches the child patience and concentration. However, it is best to leave enough space for the child. Do not interfere too much with the child\’s creativity. This will nurture the child\’s imagination. Discuss with the child and allow him or her to paint freely on the glass.

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These days, they simply cannot do without television. Strictly restricting children and not allowing them to watch TV occasionally may not be the best form of parenting. However, everything can be used. However, television can also serve as a calming and educational tool. Never allow your children to watch television for more than a certain amount of time. That said. Television can be used for play and to support the development of language, speech, and vocabulary. Show your child cartoons and animations. Then let your child retell the story and ask questions afterwards