Escape Games as New Entertainment

You may have stumbled upon them in a passing house ad, found them on a discount site, or may not know about them at all. However, escape games are now one of the most popular forms of entertainment for all ages. In fact, what do you imagine from the term?
Pokoj v únikové hře
Basically, it is a room, or rooms, where you and a bunch of friends are trapped, and your main task is to escape within a set time with the help of various clues, hints, and solved puzzles. Usually the room, and thus the entire game, is focused on a theme. One day you escape from prison, the next you are looking for a missing girl or trying to find a golem and bring it back to life. Imagination plays a major role in this case, but there is no shortage of escape game creators.
Indicie k únikové hře
Upon arrival, the guide first introduces the story and explains the basic rules of the particular game. Then you will learn how long it will take to solve the riddle and escape, and what you can and cannot use in the game. At the same time, in most escape games, the guide will constantly follow you with a camera, both for safety and to guide you back if you get stuck in a certain task for too long.
You are then thrown into the water and begin looking for props in the room, assembling puzzles, and solving ciphers and puzzles. Some of them are really difficult and target different kinds of thinking. Therefore, if you go to an escape game with a large group of people, you will have a better chance of completing everything within the time limit. Each game is different, so you will face a variety of challenges. You may also be surprised by secret rooms and interesting tricks.
If you like to play and love adventure, this is definitely an entertainment worth trying. The only drawback is that it requires relatively high capital, the game usually costs at least 1000 CZK. However, this can be compensated for by adding more players or buying from discount portals